Easter weekend

Still in Bathurst, but about to head on our way. We were umming and ahhing over whether to leave on Friday or hang around for two or three more days of work mid week. In the end we decided not to get on the roads with all the Easter long weekend traffic and head to the Blue  Mountains which was probably pretty busy with the holidays. Instead we did some (more) lounging around in the sun, picnic-ing and duck spotting.



We headed out to Chifley Dam on Saturday, which is about 20 minutes from Bathurst and camped there for the night. It was nice and quiet – apart from the odd mooing cow, with toilets (complete with frog in the bowl…gave me quite the shock let me tell you) and plenty of camping space. It’s free to stay there, but you can only stay a max of 3 nights. There was a big family set  up near us, complete with excited squealing children on Easter morning which was very cute. The Easter bunny even found his way to us out in the bush!


We headed back to Bathurst on Sunday arvo and regrouped. We have been staying the last few nights just behind the showgrounds at Berry Park, which is a free spot managed by the Lions Club with toilets, barbecues, tables and chairs, and even some power points to charge our stuff. Monday was a day for showering at the pool, cleaning our clothes, and setting up a makeshift clothesline to save some bucks. We also managed to give blood at a mobile Red Cross Blood bank and get some free juice and chupa chups, wahoo!


Just finished up work with Vale Creek who have now picked all their grapes – yay! And scored a bottle of wine in the ‘guess the weight of the grapes’ comp they do after each day’s work. Wahoo! We have one more day of work with Algona on Mt Panorama tomorrow and then we will finally be taking off to Katoomba. We are trying to hook up a spot through helpex, which is the same kind of thing as wwoofing – exchanging some work for accommodation and food. There are a few places there that look good, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I’ll leave with a yummy green smoothie combo that I tried the other day with our whizz stick – it was so refreshing and zangy!


This was a combo of water, pineapple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, lime and cayenne pepper – inspired by a couple of different recipes I saw online and adapting to what I had to use in the van! Just chuck it all in the blender and off you go. YUM!

– x –

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