Byron Organic Kitchen

While staying in Main Arm, we also took a couple of little day trips about the place, including to Byron Bay. There’s no denying that Byron is a beautiful area, and a mega popular tourist destination. The streets are jam packed with travellers (including us) and vans (including ours). While they are only 15 minutes apart, Byron is quite a contrast to the warm, laid back Mullumbimby. There are people buzzing left right and centre, shops and cafes galore and traffic everywhere (it didn’t help that it was school holidays when we ducked in) Unfortunately, with the huge influxes of people coming in and out, Byron has become somewhat commercialised to take advantage of the situation,  with big bright stores like Sportsgirl blasting their music at you as you stroll down the street. That’s not to say it doesn’t still hold some of its charm, with amazing buskers on just about every corner, beautiful beaches, smiling faces and lots of rainbow!We popped in to run some errands, and by mid afternoon we realised we were pretty hungry. Luckily, we happened to be outside the Byron Organic Kitchen! As it was a bit late, much of their stuff was sold out, but I managed to get my hands on a delicious homemade lentil veggie pattie packed with lots of lovely fresh salad in a spelt bun. Just what I needed!


Billy ordered the soup of the day, which was full of cauliflower, sweet potato, carrot, corn, capsicum, onion and thyme, and served with tosted spelt bread and hummus. He gave it his tick of approval, deeming it ‘delicious!’


But wait, there’s more! The lovely ladies in the kitchen pointed us in the direction of their house made vegan tiramisu. How could we not?! We devoured the creamy goodness alongside some yummy kombucha.


If you want delicious, wholesome food, reasonable prices, super friendly staff and a comfy environment to relax in a little way back from the the main action, I would definitely recommend the Byron Organic Kitchen! To take a squiz at their take away menu, head here and marvel at how cheap it is!

I’ll leave you with this piece of advice though – if you are looking for a good skate park, you will not find it here. We walked all over town looking for it, figuring it would be decent due to every second person riding a skateboard. This little patch of concrete is what we found….hmm


Byron Organic Kitchen
Shop 4, 5 Byron St Byron Bay
Monday to Friday – 7.30am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday – 8am-2.30pm


  1. The sandwich looks quite Belgian! Hehe, I don’t know why, but it reminds me of a vegan sandwich I had in Belgium! OMG that vegan tiramisu is to die for…..Thanks for sharing the eatery! x

    1. Ooh Belgium, what are they like for vegan food? I travelled there in 2007 but I was vegetarian, not yet vegan. I totally gorged on chocolate, waffles and beer! I know, I looove tiramisu! Thanks for dropping by! x

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