Woodford to Caboolture

Next stop on  our journey was Woodford, home of the Woodford Folk Festival. We stayed at the showgrounds ($15) for a couple of nights, which is just around the corner from the main street and just next door to two little shaggy ponies like this guy.


Woodford has a really nice vibe to it – it’s small town, but quite funky, and all the people we talked to were really lovely. We spent about 45 minutes in a music/antique shop talking to the guys there, who we had a good old chat about everything from Tasmania to candles to hotspots for fruit picking to the folk festival.

We made good use of our bikes and rode into town the few days we were there. Billy was taken by a little fruit and veg shop that had this Elvis Parsley’s Grapeland mural on the side and we had to stop for a photo shoot. 


We also rode down to a cute little place just on the other side of town called Storey Brook Cottage, which is a teahouse/cafe/restaurant/bar, with a small but pretty garden and a craft shop attached. They had some gorgeous handmade jewellery in there that even Billy was a bit taken by – beautiful pendants made by trapping herbs in a kind of resin in the shape of a little lightbulb.


We wandered around the garden, then popped back to the cafe for a coffee, where we discovered talking to the lady who runs the cottage that you can book murder mystery parties there. How much fun does that sound?!


After Woodford, we went onto Caboolture, stopping at various strawberry farms along the way trying to find some work. No dice.

In Caboolture ZZ started making TERRIBLE noises, our plans were stalled as we had to stay overnight so we could take him to a mechanic the next day. A whole day (and a good chunk of our pockets) later, we had a new clutch and we were ready to leave this town that damned us with bad car luck.

Oh, and check out this rad art installation we saw at the gallery there while we were killing time – it’s all made out of core flute!


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