Peace Pies

After leaving Caboolture, we headed a short distance towards the coast, through Deception Bay to Redcliffe, where we set up a sneaky camp beside a football oval for the night.

In the morning we were having more van troubles, d’oh… 

This time the gears were jamming, so we called the mechanics back and they asked us to bring it back in around lunch time. Looking for things to do to kill time, we discovered a vegan pie shop in the area. As we are always on a quest for the ultimate pie, it was obvious what we had to do.

We postponed brekky and killed some time at the skate park until the pie shop opened. We arrived at Peace Pies at about 10.30, ready for a pie brunch.


There are about four pies on the menu – a classic hearty gravy, cauliflower cheez, mushroom mornay and italian style. You can have a pie on it’s own for around the $6 mark, or with salad and curly fries for about $14, and there are optional additions like homemade tomato sauce or mushy peas.

Pies aren’t the only thing on the menu either – there are a number of dishes, including lasagne, lentil rolls, and an interesting sounding hamburger parcel – a hamburger and cheese cooked in puff pastry. We so wanted to try this too, but we were there for pies and we had to stay focused on the mission! Peace Pies also have a variety of desserts, milkshakes, tea, coffee, etc available, and have a small grocery section with a range of items from TVP to falafel chips, hemp seeds, cheezly, vegusto products and more.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had curly fries, so that was a definite – and we both went with the pie/fries/salad option. I couldn’t decide between the original and cauliflower, but Billy was sold straight away on the mushroom mornay with mushy peas, and convinced me to go with the hearty gravy. I wasn’t disappointed. The filling was a chewy TVP mix, strongly resembling a meat pie, and it was infused with rosemary which gave it a really nice flavour. The pastry was flaky, just like pie pastry should be. The curly fries tasted like wedges, and the fresh salad and coleslaw balanced the meal out nicely.


Billy and I both preferred mine over his – the mushroom was nice enough, but lacking a little. It is advertised as an onion and garlic free option, and perhaps needed a bit more flavour to compensate.


My only recommendation would be that perhaps the pies could have been a bit hotter. They were warm enough to eat, but not steaming hot, which is how I like my pies.

We also got an ice coffee to share, because I can never resist an ice coffee when I find one. YUM. It was made with real coffee (not syrup, thankfully!) had a nice big scoop of ice cream and was topped with a coconut based whipped cream. Delicious.

Not quite as good as the ones you can get in Katoomba at True to the Bean (seriously…best. vegan. ice. coffee. ever) but definitely up there.


And with all that in our bellies, we were good to go! We got the car checked again, and then had a call from a place Billy had applied to for some labour work. He got the job, and it was starting the following day. We had to get our butt’s to Gympie, stat!

And that kinda brings me up to the present – I’m writing from Gympie, where Billy has been setting up for a country music festival all week. It’s on all weekend and we are both doing some work at one of the bars there during the actual festival, and then he has more labour work packing it down, so we’ll be sticking around here for at least another week.


Peace Pies
140 Sutton St, Redcliffe QLD
Mon & Tues – Closed
Wed – Thurs – 10am-5pm
Friday – 10am-8pm
Saturday – 9am-5pm
Sunday – 9am-4pm

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