Ode to a Baby Avocado

Hellooo everyone!

I have just finished an eleven hour work day with virtually no breaks (aside from two toilet pit stops) so I am royally pooped. I am so looking forward to finishing up so that I have more a chance to explore more of what is going on in MoFo land. After Saturday, I’m all aboard! How is everyone enjoying MoFo so far?

In saying how glad I will be when it’s over, it’s obviously awesome to have a week of cash work, and when it finishes we will be heading north up the coast, on the way to the Great Barrier Reef. Exciting!! I’m definitely on the mend in terms of health as well which is a relief.

Today I’m just going to leave you with a couple of happy snaps – I enjoyed a salad comprising of local ingredients from a few different locations, if that makes sense. Let me explain: I still have a bunch of avocados from the Eumundi markets on the weekend, but now that we are in Bundaberg I have picked up some Bundy cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber from the fruit market.

I wanted to share this snap of my lunch just because my little baby avocado was just so damn cute. I should have put a knife next to it for scale, but if you compare it to the size of the almonds you can get some idea of the size. Eeeeeep!



Baby avocado was certainly doing a lot better than this poor little dude, who came to some sort of accident while rolling around in the back of the van (note: I think I may have stepped on him in the dark…oops). Don’t worry, he didn’t go to waste.


And finally, here is a terrible photo of tonight’s dinner, brought to you courtesy of boyfriend bear (the dinner, not the photo – that was my doing. Sorry, bad light). Bear cooked a delicious feast of garlic carrot and brussel sprouts (Australian organic garlic – somewhat hard to find, Bundaberg brussel sprouts), mediterranean lentils (this was a packet job we got on clearance from the supermarket), garlic bread and salad. Yay, I love feast plates with different components.



  1. I have never seen baby avocados before, but these are so cute like your baby strawberries in the other post! The avocados here in Spain are ridiculous… I don’t even want to mention how much they are!

    1. Hehe I know…so cute! I don’t normally find them that small but I picked up a bag of them in various sizes. The baby ones are perfect to take to top a single serve salad. Ooh…avos can be so expensive can’t they. In Australia they are often around $3 each but since we have been in avocado growing regions we have managed to get some really good deals. We have to make the most of them!

  2. I don’t see ones this tiny often, I think maybe they have just been pulled off the tree too early! But they are definitely tasty and have the cute factor – their seeds are so tiny!

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