Strawberry Fields For-never (or not getting jobs as strawberry pickers)

Have you ever wondered why voting booths give you PENCILS instead of pens? Billy’s mum alerted us to this a little while ago, and when casting my early vote this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that I was given a pen to fill out the envelope I had to write on for the interstate form, but when I got to the booth – only pencils! Conspiracy?!?

Luckily for me, I had a pen on hand and the voting volunteer said it was fine that I used it but assured me that there was no chance that anybody was going to be messing with the votes. Not now that mine’s in pen, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I digress from what I came here to post.

Queensland is home to many strawberry farms, particularly along around the Sunshine Coast region. We tried our hardest to get some picking work on one of them on the way up but the place was swarming with backpackers, also desperately seeking some employment.

In many ways, it’s a good thing we didn’t get any as it opened up other opportunities to us – Billy getting to work at the Gympie Muster (and getting paid an hourly wage rather than oh…about $4/tray of strawberries) as well as the work I am doing this week the jewellery stall. But it was still kind of demoralising ringing farm after farm, doing drive arounds and stopping at every strawberry farm in sight and just getting rejection after rejection. Nothing personal, but still.

Nevertheless, just because we didn’t pick the strawberries, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of what sunny Queensland has to offer us in the form of these little red gems.

Melt a little chocolate and some coconut oil, grab some strawberries and voila! Heavenly choc berries!




    1. Hehe thank you! I love adding a bit of coconut oil to the chocolate, makes it tasty 🙂

      Queensland is beautiful and warm…I can’t say it’s my favourite state in Australia but it definitely has some lovely spots. I’m really looking forward to the next part of the journey, seeing the Barrier Reef and the far north area. You should definitely visit!

  1. I am pretty sure that in Germany filling out any kind of document with a pencil will make that document invalid. Pencils used for drawing only. I’ve been so conditioned to write with pens that I find writing anything with a pencild weird and inconvenient.
    Oops, sorry. I should probably say something about your strawberries. Here the season is almost over and I am so sad about it. They are my favourite fruit.

  2. your strawberries look delicious and at least you know they are fresh if there are lots of strawberry farms about – sorry you didn’t get to work on them but glad you found work elsewhere

    1. That’s right – and there’s nothing better than getting sweet juicy freshly picked strawberries! We’re so lucky where we are at the moment – they are so lovely and fresh and CHEAP too!

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