A Bundy Rum and Cola, thanks

***I just realized that this post was still a draft! This was Saturday’s post…I did try and upload it after a few Bundies so maybe that was the issue….
Today’s locally sourced ingredient is a bit of a stretch…


As we are in Bundaberg, the home of Bundaberg Rum, we figured that we needed to go and have a drink at the local and really immerse ourselves in the spirit (ha ha) of the town. A lot of businesses here seem to be called “rum city” this or that, like rum city hairdressers or rum city dry cleaning services and so on. They are really proud of their produce. We settled on the Grand Hotel, as it sounded like it would suit our needs.

Bundaberg as a town on the whole is pretty unappealing to me, it seems kind of dreary and not very colourful (though I have spent most of my time working inside of a shopping centre). This could also be due to the massive flooding that occurred earlier in the year – the town kind of looks part under construction.

In saying that, we certainly met some colourful blokes at the pub, fresh out of the big house and looking to have a good time. They were a bit much for us after a while though, so we focused on what we were there for.


Our first drink was the classic Bundy and Rum with Coke. It went down pretty well, as knock off work drinks usually do.


Next we decided to go the pre-mixed variety and go with a ‘Dark and Stormy’, which is your Bundy Rum mixed with Ginger Beer. I actually liked this better than the original.

After the novelty wore off, we decided that Rum wasn’t really our favourite drink and moved on to something else. The end.


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