The day I woke up at the Farmer’s Market

This post is a day late.

But by the time we’d finished work yesterday, cleaned up, walked to the Laundromat, waited for our clothes to wash, walked back, made dinner…it was bed time and I was ready for it! I just didn’t have it in me to blog.

Everybody who kept their fingers crossed that there would be a market on – thank you! We woke up at about 6.30 on Saturday morning and there was a little market set up about 100m from where we are camped. Hooray!

We started the day with a super duper smoothie of frozen banana, cacao, choc protein powder, peanut butter, vital greens, chia seeds and milk before heading over to take a poke – POW! Hello day!


The markets were set up along a concrete pathway, in a kind of modern, refurbished part of the showgrounds. It’s kind of a shame it wasn’t on the grass, but it may well have usually been where the camping and caravan expo was on. Who knows.


It was the biggest or the best market that I have been too, but it was very welcome. It also had some interesting fruits and vegetables – ones that we aren’t really used to in our neck of the woods. I keep forgetting that we are reaching tropical regions (how could I with this weather?!) which have some pretty amazing natural treats.


There were some really lovely stallholders too. We bought some tapioca, or cassava root of these two men who showed us how to peel it (we had never seen the root before) and told us we could use it just like a potato, or make a sweet porridge type dish. We ended up eating some savoury style with our dinner that night which was different – it was super starchy but not in a bad way. The only way I have ever really known tapioca before is in pearl form – as a sweet dessert or in a bubble tea drink.


I only had twenty dollars cash on me so we had a bit of a budget to stick to, but we managed to come in under. Take a look at our haul…


Eggplant ($1!), bag of tomatoes ($2.50), bag of mixed lettuce ($2), bunch of mint ($1.50), red capsicum ($1), bag of little avocados ($3), bag of snowpeas ($2), tapioca ($2), black sapote (or CHOCOLATE PUDDING FRUIT -$2).

I was super stoked to find some black sapote. I’ve only ever had it once before – in Mullumbimby – in a smoothie. These four aren’t ripe yet, but the man selling them gave us an extra one which was ripe and had been squished a little. We ate it yesterday…so chocolatey! It’s hard to believe it’s a fruit…although I suppose chocolate is derived from plants too. Mmm chocolate.

Anyway, we finished up our work stint and got paid some cash moneys to keep rolling with, so we’re going to be leaving Mackay in the morning, heading up towards Airlie Beach.

I’ve got a (hopefully) delicious plan for some of the above veggies, so stay tuned…



  1. I miss the Australian markets big time. When I lived in Darwin there were three really great markets that I used to frequent every week. Ive not seen or heard of black sapote though . . . . .

    1. There are definitely some amazing markets here. I haven’t been to Darwin yet, but if all goes to plan we should get there in about a month’s time. What are the markets you used to go to? I’ll have to try and check them out! I only heard of black sapote last year, when my ex-housemate who was from Cairns told me about these magical chocolate pudding fruits. Now I’m finally getting a chance to try them!

      1. Hi Caeli. When you’re in Darwin head for the Mindl beach night market (fantastic vegan food and fabulous sunsets), Rapid Creek market (delicious freshly made tofu) and the Nightcliffe market (fantastic smoothies). I’ve not lived there for 10 years now 😦 but I can’t believe that the markets have closed. I loved Darwin, I hope you do too! 🙂

        1. Ooh awesome, thanks, they sound great! I love night markets, will definitely put these on the to do list X

  2. I’m glad the market opened in time nearby – this smoothie looks fantastic and perfect for the starting day! Awesome finds for $20 – not bad! I can’t wait to see what you use them for!

    1. Me too! I love starting the day with smoothies 🙂

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