Farewell to my Bunny Baby

I’m interrupting this MoFo broadcast to post a tribute to my little bunny BB, who sadly passed away the other day.

BB was a surprise bunny, given to me as a gift to keep my housemate’s bunny Elkie company. They had a lovely life, munching our veggie garden, climbing the wood pile, lazing in the sun, and just generally being adventure bunnies.

When I left Tassie at the start of the year, we thought it best to keep the bunnies together, as they were best friends…one was never far from the other’s sight. Poor Elkie is all alone now…so sad.

We’re not really sure what happened, my housemate just found her in the yard, she han’t displayed any signs of anything being abnormal. My poor little bunny baby (yes, that’s what BB stands for).  I’m going to leave you with some photos of the little sweetie.








Hopefully she’s living it up in the big veggie garden in the sky…


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