Eat at Martins

Yikes, I am so far behind that it’s not even funny.

I have one more post from our time in Darwin – just a quick mention of another place we stopped in at for lunch which was around the corner from where we were getting the van serviced.

Eat at Martins is a small vegetarian café, tucked away in the back streets of Coconut Grove. They have a few vegan items on the menu. We got there only half an hour before close, and they had one vegan pie left, which we decided to order and share.

This was the potato pie, which had a mix of lentils, potatoes and mashed pumpkins to create a creamy filling, in a muffin sized pastry. Both the filling and the pastry tasted quite nice – not outstanding, but not unenjoyable. However, I felt that it (along with the other dishes at Eat at Martins) were overpriced, particularly given the size. The small pie on it’s own was around $10 (which gets you a pie, salad and potato salad at Funky Pies in Bondi!), and to add salad brought it to $15. The salad was nothing more than a few chopped up bits of iceberg lettuce, three slices of cucumber, two slices of red capsicum and a couple of bits of tomato. Really not worth it at all. The sauce was a kind of homemade mayonnaise, with a strong mustard flavour.


I also got a juice with apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger and turmeric for around $7. This was pretty standard – juice is juice! I usually like mine a bit zingier with more ginger, but can’t complain.


It’s nice to have the option of a completely vegetarian café, but all in all we found better and more reasonably priced food elsewhere in our time in Darwin. The food is not bad, but quite basic and it was definitely not good value for money. I don’t think I’d eat there again unless the quality of the food or the price was altered.

Eat at Martins
6 Caryota Court, Coconut Grove, NT
Mon-Fri – 8 – 3.30pm
Sat – 8 – 12pm


  1. Ah, I dislike feeling a bit ripped off.
    I adore Funky Pies. I haven’t been to the cafe in Bondi, but our local health food store sells frozen Funky Pies – we had some for lunch today, actually!

    1. Me too! I couldn’t get over the tiny basic salad…for that price I would have expected half a plate of it! Oh well.

      Yes, I loooov e Funky Pies. The café is tiny and, well, funky! The staff are really lovely and they always have great music playing. I will definitely have to look out for them in health food stores when I’m back in Melbourne…so good!

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