Berrissimo (for the last time)

Bummer to hear that Berrissimo has closed up shop.

And just when I started enjoying it!

Well, I sort of enjoyed it the first time but not as much as I had hoped I would. Yet Billy and I popped in last week to give it another go, this time opting to share a small one between us.

They had some different vegan flavours on offer this time – I think these were peach and strawberry, with those little delicious popping balls and some kind of truffle-y thing. And gosh darnit, they were delicious! Last time we couldn’t eat it all, this time we couldn’t get enough. So fruity, fresh and delicious.

Oh well, hopefully something wonderful will take its place.

Berrissimo CLOSED
2/360 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Mon-Thurs – 1pm-9.30pm
Fri – 1pm-10.30pm
Sat – 12pm-10.30pm
Sun – 12pm-9.30pm


  1. I’m so sad about this. We loved it – especially all those ball things. We didn’t even make it there for the last weekend, because we got way too busy with gardening and exam study. I was hoping they’d re-open somewhere with cheaper rent, but I haven’t heard anything. Maybe next summer?

  2. What a shame that the shop closed….awwww! These balls remind me of agar or tapioca pearls in Thailand – and they serve these colorful fruity agar pearls/dried fruits on coconut ice cream.

  3. Oh no! I haven’t even heard of Berrissimo but we’ve got something similar over here called ‘Tutti Frutti’. I rather like it! Hoping you get something else awesome in its place. Otherwise you should definitely protest… with stomping feet and picket signs! x

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