Cheesy Cayenne Kale Chips (Raw)

This recipe is magic.

I swear – you make it, and it just disappears before your very eyes. It’s really quite unbelievable.

I was trying to emulate the Loving Earth kale chips here – I love the thick chunky cashew-y bits. Once the base is downpat, it’s easy to play around with the herbs and spices to get different flavour combinations. These are my favourite so far though – a bit of cheese and a bit of a cayenne kick – the perfect combo.

It’s also worth mentioning that these can be done the oven, however I find they turn out much better in the dehydrator. Probably because the only times I’ve done kale chips in the oven I’ve left them too long and burnt the butts off them. Oops.

Cheesy Cayenne Kale Chips

1 bunch kale, washed, dried and thick stems removed
1 cup cashews
1 carrot, grated
2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup nutritional yeast flakes
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper (or more if you like to feel the buuurrrrnnn)
Dash of turmeric (for colour)
Salt (to taste)

Place all ingredients apart from the kale in a high speed blender and blend to combine. I find it easiest to use the tamper to keep pushing it down. If required, add a little bit of water at a time until it reaches a smooth – but still thick – consistency. It should be ‘spreadable’.

Cut or tear the kale into pieces and place into a bowl. Give it a bit of a squeeze/massage to break down some of the tougher fibres, then pour the cheesy mix on top.

I like to get my hands dirty here, I’m sure you could stir it through with a spoon if you prefer. Mix the cashew cheese amongst the kale, ensuring each piece gets coated. Apart from being a bit of fun, using your hands means you can fill the curls up with mixture, which I love.

Spread kale out on teflex lined dehydrator trays, and dehydrate for 6-12 hours, until crispy.

And voila! Watch them disappear!



  1. Well, I have neither a dehydrator nor a high speed blender, but after looking at this picture, I’m willing to see what I can do with my ordinary blender and a cool oven. Perhaps I’ll get my daughter onto it. Something for her to satisfy her cooking bug without us having to eat more cakes! (Although, if she’s reading this… I do love your cakes – I just don’t love the spare tyre I’m getting from eating them so often!)

    1. You’d probably have no problem with a normal blender either – you could soak the cashews first to soften them a little. And the oven would be no problem if you keep a watchful eye on them!

      Hehe, sounds like you’ve got a great daughter there – hope she enjoys these if she gives it a crack! You can always send some of her cakes my way if you need to get through some 😉

  2. I have tried to make kale chips a couple of times in the oven and always burned them. So your adwise about using a dehydrator is great!

  3. This dish looks and must taste magical 🙂 What a great idea to use grated carrot to make the sauce look cheesy! After looking at this picture, I must make kale chips right away . . . hope you had a great weekend!

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