Yong Green Food

At the start of June, my Granny came over from Perth to visit. On one of the first days she was here, she and my mum came to meet me in Fitzroy and we went to Yong Green for lunch.

I was happy to find they were open when we arrived, as I have been having some poor luck with them this year – every time I make an effort to try and go, they end up being closed for holidays! Thankfully, not this time.

Yong Green Food have a wonderful menu which is based around healthy, sustainable and seasonal food and conscious eating. Pretty much the entire menu is vegan, or vegan on request, and they also cater for other dietary requirements such as organic, gluten-free and garlic/onion-free.

If the food’s not enough to draw you in, their sustainability initiatives are also admirable – Yong Green have taken steps to reduce their greenhouse emissions by purchasing their own GreenPower and acquiring carbon credits through abatement projects. They also donate 10% of their profits to support farmer-managed natural regeneration in East Africa.

yonggreen2We had a lot of trouble choosing what to eat – we couldn’t decide between entrees or desserts. Ultimately, we went with mains to ensure we had room for coffee and cake afterwards.

I went with the famous dragon bowl – brown rice, topped with various veggies (I think there was carrot, cucumber, sprouts and more) and sliced soy beef. There is also the option to have it with tofu.

yonggreen1Excuse the crappy photos and shadows plz.

The dragon bowl comes with a miso soup and chili sauce – the warm miso an especially nice touch for a winter’s day. The meal was delicious, filling and nourishing.

I didn’t actually take photos of my mum or granny’s meals – mum went with the macro dragon bowl, so it was very similar to mine. Granny went with a Japanese curry, which was absolutely scrumptious.

Then the cake!

yonggreen3We got a piece of raw cake each, and split them three ways so we could each have a taste. This was the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Not too dense and with a generous amount of raspberries and sauce, this was lovely.

yonggreen4I’d never had a raw pecan pie before, and our first meeting was successful. I would definitely eat you again pie!

yonggreen5The tiramisu was my favourite, and unfortunately the smallest (and most expensive) of the three. This was also my first raw tiramisu, and the addition of spiced rum was most welcome.

The cakes were very nice, though I’ve probably had better elsewhere, and given the price ($9 – $10.50/slice) I would probably prefer to spend the money on entrees next time as the savoury food on offer is more interesting.

Yong Green Food
421-423 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Tues – L – 12pm – 4pm, D – 5pm – 10pm
Wed – 5pm – 10pm
Thurs – Sat – L – 12pm – 4pm, D – 5pm – 10pm
Sun – L – 12pm – 4pm, D – 5pm – 9pm


  1. Wow you have an adventurous granny – I’ve only been there once but loved it – one reason I haven’t gone again is I am not sure how my partner E or my little girl would like it – I had the raw pizza and loved it but at this time of year I am not so tempted by raw food – need something warming in my belly πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, she’s great! We had raw mango wraps together at Loving Hut in Perth and she really enjoyed them! I totally get the warm food thing – I constantly feel like soup in winter. Yong Green do have a number of hot dishes though, and not too out their either – like chickpea korma, lentil hotpot, thai green curry, pho, and even a few burgers! I will have to go back and check them out soon I think.

  2. I’ve had bad luck with their opening hours too. I’ve turned up twice and both times their door was open, but they weren’t ‘open’. I’m glad you posted the hours, I’ll have to be more organised and get along there when I can actually eat, because from all reports, the food is fantastic.

  3. What a delicious feast, Caeli – I want some Japanese curry, it’s my favorite meal! πŸ™‚ The raw cakes look yummy, the raspberry one is probably something I would order and try first. I had a yummy tiramisu in Berlin, it was so delicious and had to order everyday (about 1 hour train ride from the flat) and what’s so good about it was the spiced rum and how airy it was! I want some of that tiramisu right now! ❀

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