Red Robyn, Camberwell

The weekend before last, the Bear and I took a bike ride out to my folks place. Upon arrival, we decided to head over to Camberwell with them to get a bite to eat for a late lunch. I had been wanting to check out the Red Robyn for some time after hearing them described as an ‘allergy friendly cafe’ – catering for a number of different dietary requirements, including vegan, fructose allergies, nut allergies and FODMAP diets. Everything on the menu is also gluten-free and soy-free. Wowzers.

The cafe itself is on a quiet part of Camberwell rd, and you could quite easily fly right past it without noticing if it were not from the cute little red robin sign out the front. Inside, the place is warm and bright, with splashes of red throughout to fit with the theme.

redrobin2 I wasn’t sure if we were going to be let in as we were cutting it quite close to kitchen closing time, however we were welcomed with a smile, and provided with lovely service throughout. I started with a coffee while I perused the menu a little further.

redrobinThere were many dishes that caught my eye, but ultimately I went with this one. Ask me what it is. I can’t remember! I think it was some sort of smoky eggplant and potato croquette, with a fresh salsa. Wow my memory is failing me terribly. I really need to take care if I plan to write about a meal!

Regardless, I remember it was tasty. My mum, dad and the bear all went with non-vegan options, and all commented on how much they enjoyed their meals too. On the way out, I was told that there are usually plenty of vegan sweets on offer, including vanilla slice (be still my heart!) so I DEFINITELY have good reason to return.

Red Robyn
393 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell
Mon – Fri – 7.30am – 3pm
Sat – Sun – 8.30am – 3.30pm
(kitchen shuts 30 mins prior to close)


  1. A fodmaps friendly restaurant is progressive. I guess Aus would be the first place to adopt it with all the major research happening at the Uni there. I had ordered the Uni’s booklet years back. I’ve for sure got fodmaps sensitivities.
    You’re in Victoria! I somehow got confused and thought you were on the west coast. My Mom’s family is spread all over Victoria -she’s visiting them right now.

    1. Isn’t it? I think it is the first place I have been to that is fodmaps friendly. To be honest, I only even heard of the fodmaps diet and deadly nightshade allergies last year, I was otherwise oblivious! Interesting to hear that Australia are so prominent in the research.

      I am actually from the west coast, and have lived in Tasmania, but am back in Victoria now. I did a lot of traveling last year all over Australia, perhaps a post caught your eye to make you think that, hehe. Ooh cool, whereabouts is your mum visiting?

      1. Ooo I’d love to visit Tasmania eventually. I’ve heard so many great adventures about the hiking there.
        Mom’s parents are in Williamstown where she grew up. I think this visit she’s sticking there, she goes back a couple times a year to check in, my sisters and I laugh ‘To keep her accent.’
        Cousins are in Melbourne as well as Geelong, Princetown, Gippslands. We use to go to a cabin at McCrae but the family recently sold it. My Aunt use to live in Byron Bay -and another in Townsville- so we always visited there but they left for further north saying Byron is too busy. Man, I miss Australia. The country is pure magic!
        fodmaps is really interesting and the research is very new, it’s spearheaded out of Monash Uni.

        1. Yes, Tassie is absolutely stunning – you must go there! It is becoming a more popular tourist destination more recently due to the opening of the MONA gallery a few years ago, but in the past so many people would just skip visiting because they have to leave the mainland. It is so worth it though – such natural beauties there. Wow, sounds like you got to get around Oz a bit to visit family. Do you have a trip planned for the future? Hmm, I’ll have to look into the fodmaps stuff. As I think I said, I’d only heard of it recently myself. I studied at Monash though and my mum works there, I’ll have to get her to bring me some info of the database! Hehe

  2. Aw, a red robin signage? That looks cute, do you have a picture of it? That’s incredible that Red Robyn has gluten-free and soy-free offerings, and I like going to vegan-friendly places where everyone can go together and try other options! These croquettes look crazy good – but I love the plating though! Oh my, I know what you mean, whenever I see old pictures of delicious meals, I can’t remember a single thing about it! At the moment I’m relying on a small notebook and writing things down and copying it to Evernote for future posts.

    1. I didn’t take a picture, stupidly, but you can see the little dude on their website! I agree, and I think this cafe is quite unique in how allergy-friendly it is. I have been meaning for so long to take notes in a little book…when will I learn?! It’s like backing up my phone contacts – I never do and every time I lose my phone I have to start over. So silly…!

      1. Saw the little dude, so cute though! I know, I’ve been through this frustrating phases with backing up stuff before – it’s the worst feeling! Let’s start writing notes in a little book! 🙂

  3. I’ll (hopefully) be visiting friends in Melbourne early next year, so I’ll have to put this on my list of places to visit! But omg, vegan vanilla slice??? Maybe I need to visit my friends a little sooner than i’d planned 😉

  4. I love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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