Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza

Some nights you just want to eat pizza without having to make it or even leave your house to get it. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Hooray for home delivery!

Mr Natural has two locations – St Kilda and Fitzroy. The menu consists of a range of entirely vegetarian pizzas, all of which can be adapted to become vegan with the optional addition of vegan cheese, pepperoni and various other tasties like beans, tofu, sprouts and sauces. The online ordering system is simple to use and you can easily customise your pizza with the removal and addition of whatever ingredients your heart does or does not desire.

This was my first experience with Mr Natural – in the past, every time I decide that I want to order pizza, it’s been too late to get in before close. This time I planned ahead and reaped the rewards. I think the delivery guy was a bit startled when the Bear and I answered the door short of breath after sprinting to the door yelling “pizzaaaaaa!” So much excitement.

mrnatural First up we went with the Broccolini pizza. I’ve heard people rave about broccoli on pizza, and I thought it was about time I gave it a go. It had broccoli, onions, olives, capsicum, cheese, herbs and sesame seeds. I thought that it had potential, but was missing something – it was just a little bit bland. The unveganised version of the pizza included feta cheese, so maybe that offered the bite needed. If I ordered it again, I would add pineapple or more chili or more olives or something, but otherwise I loved how many veggies were packed on there (and how greeeeeen it was).

mrnatural2Second, we got the Cool Peppers, which is apparently the result of a pizza creation competition. This one had tomato, olives, capsicum, vegan pepperoni, vegan cheese, chili flakes, parsley and sesame seeds. It rocked. It was spicy and awesome and I hope it gets added to the regular menu, because I loved it. It was kind of hard to go back to the broccoli pizza afterwards as this one packed so much more punch. In saying that, the broccoli pizza tasted awesome cold the next day.

It’s so great to have easy takeaway/delivery options for vegans, particularly old favourites like pizza. Sometimes you just want to lie in bed watching movies and eating pizza, and thanks to places like Mr Natural, your dreams can come true.

Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza
469 Brunswick St, Fitzroy North
Mon – Thurs & Sun – 5.30pm – 10pm (delivery 6pm-9pm)
Fri – Sat – 5.30pm – 11pm (delivery 6pm – 9pm)


  1. Sadly I don’t live in Mr Natural’s delivery area any more – one of the disappointments when we moved to this place. But I love his pizzas – I think I have had the broccoli one with feta and loved it – now you have me craving his pizzas – glad you enjoyed them and interesting to hear they do veg pepperoni and vegan cheese (it’s been a while since I have been there)

  2. Both look great! I did try their pizzas once, about two years ago from St Kilda, it was piled high with vegies and bean sprouts but it was kinda bland. My friend really enjoyed hers, I think it was the lentil dhal pizza (not sure) and I regretted not getting it.

    Are you going to WVD?

    1. Yeah I am not a fan of the beansprout pizzas – I love beansprouts in other things but I think they make the pizzas bland and soggy. I don’t know where this beansprout on veg pizzas trend came from but it should get lost! I am hoping to go to WVD! I have never been before – I’ve never been in Melbourne for it! This will be my first! 😀

  3. Weird! I ordered pizza from Mr Natural a few months back and hated it! 🙂 I think the cheese was mouldy… I rang them and they said they use vegan blue cheese and it was supposed to be that way. Not again…I still think it was mouldy.

  4. Hi Caeli, will you be in Melbourne next month? I will be staying in Collingwood area, and I realized I live a block away from Botanical Cuisine! OMG these pizzas look insanely YUM….and I would totally scream PIZZAAAAAAA! The Cool Peppers looks so good with vegan pepperoni, yummmmzonee!

    1. Oh my gosh, when do you arrive? I am so embarrassed, I work in Collingwood and live very close by and have still never been to Botanical Cuisine. I have eaten heaps of their stuff though – I love their cheeses and as the weather warms I have been treating myself to their frozen cashew yoghurts!

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