Loving Hut Northcote II

Happy World Vegan Day (for yesterday!) I didn’t do anything to celebrate as I was home in bed with the sniffles, however am looking forward to the WVD Melbourne event next Sunday. Come at me delicious food!!

I’m still trying to knock out some recipe and dining out posts from before and during MoFo – this one being one of them. A couple of weeks back, the Bear and I hit up the Northcote Social Club for a gig. It was a Tuesday night, so we headed there straight from work and had some time to kill before it started. I don’t know why I feel that I need to give you a backing story to why we ate at Loving Hut, it really does not need to be justified.

As usual, the vibe was kind of weird as there was only one other couple sitting in when we arrived, in that sparse, school cafeteria-style space. There was a video playing on the TV of nature and animal shots which kept us entertained for some time, and for a moment I almost forgot how strange it was that a TV was playing there in the first place.

lovinghutnorthcote1We started out with some steamed wontons, which were sitting in a ginger-soy vinaigrette. I really enjoyed the dressing, as well as the crunchy garlic shoots and herbs on top.

lovinghutnorthcote2I couldn’t resist ordering the tofu bites again, I am obsessed. Hot, crispy, salty outside with melt in your mouth centre. And that tartar sauce, how?! So good.

lovinghutnorthcote3For the main, we shared a bowl of the Bun Bo Hue, which was plenty for the both of us as we were not super hungry. I always find these big bowls of soup so filling, even with the thin broth base. You can choose to have mock beef or tofu with this one – we chose beef. The flavour of the broth was lovely, made with lemongrass, chili, ginger, lime and cinnamon. It was zesty and slightly spicy and made me feel good inside.

lovinghutnorthcote4After perusing the dessert cabinet, there was no way I was leaving without a piece of this. There were a few cakey slicey things like this of different flavours, I can’t remember exactly what this one was – I think hazelnut mocha raspberry, or something of the like. I remember thinking that all those flavours might be a bit ambitious, but it seriously worked so well. The base had an incredible light and crispy texture, the centre beautiful and creamy, and how could I go wrong with a scoop of Zebra Dream ice cream on the side? Winnnaaaahhhhh!

If you want to see the glory of my first visit to Loving Hut Northcote, check out the post here. The Northcote shop definitely wins my vote over the Richmond one, which I have been to several times but only once taken pictures (post still to come). Also note, the hours of operation have changed since my last visit and they are now open for lunch too. Hoorah!

Loving Hut
377-79 High St, Northcote
Tues-Sun – 11am – 10pm
kitchen closes 30 mins prior to closing


  1. heh yes, school-cafeteria! I swear I think they should hold cooking lessons or something. Maybe some big banquet evening. They’ve certainly got the room! You gotta try the mushroom mince steamed rice paper rolls next 😀

  2. I meant to try Loving Hut last time I was in Portland but just like you said “school cafeteria-style” really put me off -especially when there are so many other places to choose from in Portland, you’re experience though makes me want to see past the setting cause the food is winning 🙂

    1. Oh gosh, I’d so love to go to Portland just to eat food! The food here was great, though each Loving Hut is franchised (I think?) as they all seem to have totally different food. I’ve had good and not that great at differing locations. Definitely worth checking out though, aside from the weird vibe!

  3. Mmmmm I love Loving Hut! It’s funny to see all the different menu items around the world, each one is different. It seems like in Australia, the menu items are mostly Chinese and Asian influenced. At least that is what I get from this post and the ones we visited in NSW. Here in the states the options are more western style.

    1. Yeah, I agree – it’s cool to visit different Loving Huts. Ours definitely do have more Asian influence, although the one in Perth I went to had a mix of asian and western – with the addition of pies, quiches, etc and a salad bar. I think there is a pie place up in Queensland which is a ‘sister store’ of Loving Hut too. I would love to get over there and try out yours one day!

  4. Those won tons look so perfect! Absolutely beautiful. I once went to Loving Hut in Paris and I loved their soups. I wish we had one here.

    1. They were really lovely, especially with the vinaigrette. Loving Hut is pretty cool – it’s interesting to try out the different food in different ones. They seem to be becoming more prominent, maybe you will get one one day too!

  5. Ahhhhhh vegan eats! I love going into a restaurant where I can eat everything. Too many choices! I was going to take my bestie here for her birthday on Thursday but we are going to Vina in Newtown instead.

  6. I’m so sorry you were sick on WVD 😦 I wish I could send you a bowl of delicious soup or some yummy fried dumplings! There were some Loving Hut places that have ‘cafeteria-style’ space and you will see tons of these in Asia too! Gosh, these salty tofu bites look crazy good esp the ‘beef’ noodle soup, that is def my ideal meal to have! Thanks for sharing this, I wasn’t sure whether I should try Loving Hut during my time in Melbourne.

    1. I think there’s probably better options than Loving Hut in Melbourne, but it’s pretty decent. I can’t remember if you said how long you would be here for, but I would definitely go other places like Yong Green and more above Loving Hut.

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