New bloginnings and Pana Cafe

You may have noticed something different around the little vegan bear neck of the woods (ha, bear…woods….yep), we’ve had a bit of a makeover! I am now a dot com! After much time feeling overwhelmed and technologically incapable, and then a little time with my brother and his girlfriend doing the majority of the legwork (thanks guys) I am here. Thank goodness for the technical knowledge of others.

These parts will remain pretty basic for the time being while I work out how to do a little more, which will most likely be a bit further down the track as I am aware that MoFo is fast approaching – if I’m going to participate this year I need to spend a bit of time planning. While I recall the stress of last MoFo like it were yesterday (has it really been a year?!) it was also a whole heap of fun and with the new structure I am hoping it will take some of the pressure off (no matter how self-imposed said pressure may have been). Nevertheless, a bit of forethought can’t hurt.

I’m doing my best to update all links, and I’m hoping that the transfer of subscribers went down successfully. Please let me know if you have any issues viewing, commenting, or anything else while on the blog and I’ll try to amend it.

Oh, and while I remember – I am officially getting ‘social’. I’m now on instagram as littleveganbear_ and you can link up with me through the button on the right side bar. Oooh look at me go!

Just for kicks, here are some snaps from a recent trip to Pana Cafe in Richmond with some girlfriends. For those who aren’t aware, Pana are a Melbourne business who deal in the trade of delicious raw chocolate. You may have seen their bars stocked in shops around the place – they are recognisable by the cute little alien looking dudes on the front of the box. Pana use all vegan, organic ingredients and are refined sugar free.

Apart from their classic bars sold through various stockists, Pana also have a cafe on Church street in Richmond where they serve up an array of slices, cakes and other raw treats which look almost too good to eat. Seriously, I reckon we spent more time ooh-ing and aah-ing over everything than we did actually eating, they are so gosh darn beautiful.

We couldn’t help but be pulled by the allure of the larger ‘surprise cake’, which we were pretty sure we had pegged as choc-mint. We also got a slice of what I think was spicy apple slice, if my memory serves me correct.

Well we sure were surprised, because there was not a hint of mint in this baby. Instead we found berries and a delicious lime tasting cream on top. Rich, silky smooth and delicious the whole way through. I was keen for something less chocolate-y with the slice, and it didn’t disappoint. I felt our eyes were a little too big for our tummies though, as I was feeling pretty stuffed by the end.

Shout out to my pal Steph for the photos which I have borrowed. Also shout out to the lovely lady who did an excellent job at slicing the goodies into thirds for us. It is worth noting that while it is called the Pana Cafe, there really are only a couple of stools (3 or 4) and a bench at the front of the shop, so if you aren’t lucky enough to nab them you might have to take away.

Speaking of take aways, I took a few choccies home to share with the bear. I can’t remember what they all were – oh deary me, how many times do I swear I’ll start taking notes for occasions like this? One was sesame, I feel like one might have been lemonade, maybe lavender and rose? Whatever the case – they were all incredible. I would even go so far as to say that I enjoyed them more than the cakes – perhaps being bite sized there was less chance of being overcome by the richness.

Apologies for the shitty late night camera phone job, but these darlings couldn’t wait any longer!

Pana Cafe
491 Church St, Richmond
Mon – Fri – 10am – 5pm
Sat – 10am – 4pm
Sun – 11am – 3pm


  1. Your new site looks fab! I haven’t gone to the Pana cafe yet, despite trying their chocolate and really liking it. I ‘m not in Richmond as much these days but fingers crossed I am going in the next fortnight. Thanks for the tip about the seating, that comes in really handy if I have the fam with me.

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thank you! It certainly seemed like an overwhelming task to tackle but I’m glad it’s done now 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you think of Pana – I’m planning to go back soon to get some gifts (including a little something for myself!)

  2. great photos – it really does look beautiful – a nice bloginning post – good luck with preparing for mofo – I feel I probably don’t have the energy this year nor am so into the new structure but will love to see how others approach it

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thanks Johanna! I can understand that – it is a lot of work. I seem to get a few days out and think ‘what am I doing?!’ Last year I put a lot of pressure on myself to post every single day. This year I think I’ll just see how it goes..

  3. lysette says:

    Your new site is fantastic, worth the work -pat on the back to your lil bro and his gf!

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thanks Lysette! They did a good job, and I rewarded them with dinner and beers 😀

  4. I follow Pana Chocolate on instagram and I’m thinking I might have to take a trip to Australia just to visit them 😉

    1. littleveganbear says:

      They are just stunning aren’t they – like little pieces of art! I hope you get to visit one day.

  5. Jojo says:

    I loooove Pana Chocolate! I’ve only tried their bars as I’m obviously pretty far away from the shop / cafe but I can’t wait to go there one day. I follow them on IG and the cakes look divine. I also LOVE the idea of a surprise cake, that’s so fun!

    1. littleveganbear says:

      They’re delicious aren’t they?! You will definitely have to pop by if you head out to Australia, the cakes and individual choccies are just divine. The surprise cake is such a cool idea – your eyes tend to try and trick your taste buds, hehe.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I just came across your blog from Johannah’s place! Great site you have here! Always nice to ‘meet’ other veg*ns online and check out their sites, too! Swing by mine when/if you have the chance 🙂 Looking forward to future posts 🙂

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thanks Jennifer, and nice to meet you! 😀 As you say, it’s always great coming across new vegan faces! Thanks for popping by!

  7. Genki Kitty says:

    Your website looks amazing! I’m so jealous you are a dot com now. 🙂 And those desserts! I’m so hungry if it weren’t so expensive to fly from the USA to Australia I would be there now!

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thanks! Hehe, I know a dot com feels so official. Aren’t they just stunning? I swear, they’re worth the flight 😉 If only they were mail-able I could send some your way.

  8. Sophie says:

    Congrats on your own blog domain! Yayyyy! Your blog looks way better & more cool too! 🙂

    Well done! This car& with the lovely foods looks cool & a lovely place to hang out too! 😉

    1. littleveganbear says:

      Thanks Sophie! Was totally worth the work 🙂

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