Kitchen Tour

This weekend has been a bit of a blur for me – one of my housemates is moving out and we’ve been busy holding ‘interviews’ for the room. Unfortunately that has meant I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to check out all the MoFo posting going on, but I hope to be able to sneak a bit more in this week. Funnily enough, I’m actually really looking forward to taking tours of peoples’ kitchens to see where the magic happens. I’m kind of a creep like that.

It’s kitchen tour time!

And with that I’ll give you a whirlwind tour of my kitchen! I live in a rented sharehouse (with 5 other people including my boyfriend) which boyfriend and I got the lease on late last year. Sometimes we dream of winning the lottery so that we can buy the house ourselves, though the chances of that are pretty non-existent (seeing as though we never buy lottery tickets…)


The kitchen is a strange combination of modern and retro – you can tell that in it’s time it would have been pretty swish-o.


We’ve got this rad old oven. When we moved it in was one of my biggest concerns, however it works really well and I’m now in love with it. Everything is in fahrenheit, despite the fact that we do things in celsius. There’s a rotisserie and some other random switches that we’re not quite sure about.


There’s remnants of some really old school features like this old dishwasher ‘interface’. I bet dishwashers were a total luxury back in this time. My bad for not cleaning this very well.


Also this – we think it may have been a sweet blender dock thingy. It’s build into the bench top and there is evidence of where power used to connect to it in the cupboard below. If anyone can confirm this or offer another theory we would love to know.


My pride and joy in the form of a spice rack. I build this out of an old pallet. I talked about it for months before I finally did it. Now I tell everyone about it.


Being on a role, I also build a hot sauce rack to keep our ever-growing collection of hot sauces (including a few homemade ones). Unfortunately this was full before it was even built and we already have an overflow of botles.

Our little succulent teacups – these are mostly teacups that got broken but I didn’t want to throw away. I have a collection of these Japanese stacking mugs which I love – I’m very fond of Japanese, Norwegian and Danish crockery.

My yoghurt maker! My brother got this for me one birthday years back. I love it. I always have some cashew yoghurt in the fridge, which is far more delicious than any vegan yoghurt alternative I’ve found on the market.

kitchen7This makes me laugh – one of my housemates tore this out of a catalogue for me. It’s a poke at the fact that I panicked when I heard there may be a disease hitting Australian banana crops and I thought the prices would skyrocket. I froze about four containers of chopped bananas “just in case”. The disease and price hike never happened.

A little snow pea harvest from our garden. Yum.

A peek into my pantry. Only a peek as the rest is too messy for prying eyes. I like to keep a lot of staples like nuts, legumes and dried fruit in jars. Also vegemite.

Finally some beers. We enjoyed a couple of these this afternoon in the backyard as spring as started to bring us some warm rays. Ahhhhhh.

And that concludes today’s kitchen tour, hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. Until next time!



  1. It’s nice that the cupboards go all the way to the ceiling, it must make the room feel so much bigger, weird that the lower drawers? canters in. Do you think the kitchen was custom built?and cool vintage! I’ve never seen a stove that runs the burners along the horizontal. Good job with the spice rack, if it was from a palate you must have sanded it forever, the wood looks really smooth and clean. Thanks, I feel like I’ve actually been over for a visit πŸ™‚

    1. It definitely makes the room seem bigger! It was just mentioned that the bottom of the cupboards/drawers could be like that so your feet can go there. How cool is that? Thanks for the kind words – the spice rack took me a few almost tears after some wrong measurements, so now that it fits it is kind of my pride and joy haha.

  2. I have totally enjoyed your post. I especially love your homemade spice rack and your labelled jars. I am also liking your collection of spicy sauce (yum), and those plants in the teacups – gorgeous – And your homegrown snow peas, how delightful. I think I better stop, you have an awesome kitchen, but I wish for you to get a place of your own oneday then you don’t have to share the kitchen with anyone else – it will happen oneday, even if you don’t win the lottery.

    1. Thanks Shaheen! Haha, I don’t mind sharing a kitchen though I wish I could say I owned this one, I really do love it πŸ™‚

  3. That cooker is well cool. What a great kitchen. The pallet spice storage is inspired and I love the tea cup plants. Herbivores Heaven has got some too in vintage espresso cups. I’ve never seen teacup plants before and then they crop up in two Mofo Tours. Just shows that vegans have all the cool stuff!

    1. That’s so funny – I thought teacup plants were really popular! They must have hit the big time here for a short time….I remember feeling like I saw them everywhere.

  4. Your kitchen is ace! THAT OVEN!!! Oh my gosh, it looks like it belongs in a mission control room bunker somewhere with mysterious buttons and dials–it’s perfect! Love the primary-school staff room mugs, I’m always so tempted to buy them when I see them in op shops but have vowed to be really firm with myself and mugs. And I love the Dishhhhlex cover! Eeeee!

    1. How cool is it?!? I seriously love this kitchen, and never want to leave it. I only wish I owned it! The stacking mugs are the one thing I think I really collect (though only haphazardly) – I do have about 15 of them and I buy them whenever I see them. Feel free to tip me off if you see them πŸ™‚

    1. I haven’t had a chance to look yet after a busy weekend, but am so keen to go through everyone’s kitchens, I think it’s so cool. I know – it’s such a funky oven and actually works really well which is the most important thing.

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful, it seems pretty original to me with the bottom of the cupboards not being “straight” That gives you foot room. But how can you reach the upper cupboards!

    1. Ahhhh THAT’S why they are bent like that? Cool! I’m 5’11 so I can go on tip toes and open the top cupboard πŸ˜‰

  6. I love your spice rack! and sauce rack! and succulent cups – aww!!
    My spices are in a terrible mess and I do really need to organise them πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Mia! I know what that’s like – mine used to be all over the place too. Now I’m obsessed with keeping them in alphabetical order…ha, so dorky.

  7. LOVED everything about the tour! We both use glass (like Mason jars and then some) for storing! Awesome! Loved your sauce collection! And those cupboards…omg…I’m jealous! Nice post!

    1. It’s been a fun prompt! I’m in the process of transferring everything to glass and trying to reduce waste consumption…slowly getting there πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for showing us your kitchen, I really enjoyed reading this! I love this MoFo prompt so much. Your spice rack looks beautiful, and I love the look of the dishwasher and the plants in cups too.
    Just curious, is your yoghurt 100% cashew or do you add soy milk/yoghurt as well? I have a non-electric yoghurt maker and it’s been way too long since I’ve used it.

    1. It’s been a great prompt! For the yoghurt I use Miyoko’s recipe from Artisan Vegan Cheese – it’s about 2/3 cup cashews with 1 litre of soy milk. I have tried using almond milk but I didn’t get the same nice consistency – it was too runny for what I was going for.

  9. I love the kitchen tours – your kitchen looks really interesting – have never seen an oven like that before (one of my favourite student kitchens had a shower in it) and I took ages wondering why the dishwasher had a “meat” setting until I realised it said “heat”. Your succulents are so cute – we have a few broken mugs we can’t bear to throw out that just get crap in them. I would be proud of that spice rack too and good luck with your hot sauce collection!

    1. I know, it’s been really cool going into peoples’ places! That’s so weird – a shower?! You should definitely make some little succulent cups with broken cups, it’s nice to be able to still look at them all the time (these are some of my favourites)

  10. Your kitchen is so cool! I love it when people took a risk during a time period and kind-of holds up overtime. I love hearing my boss say how “timeless” her new place is, and all I can think is “this WILL be dated, and it will just dated and boring in the end” I rather be dated and funky!

    Anyways, it does look like you have one of those old outlets. It was kind-of like a click in station so instead of your blender and food processor having a motor, you could click it in and turn it on. It is kind-of a cool idea to make things lighter, but I think there were compatibility issues. Plus some places would have better appliances than others, like I have Vitamix, Kitchen Aid, and Cuisinart all in my kitchen! My parents have this attachment too at their house.

    1. Totally with you on that one – I always say I bet the lady who owned the house (who I’ve heard from neighbours was an eccentric old thing) was ahead of her time when she had this kitchen fitted. It’s so awesome! Ahhh cool to have confirmation about the blender outlet. I think it is quite a cool idea, but now it is a bit of a bother as the little spaces in the dial often collect mess that needs to be emptied regularly.

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