Power Plant Cafe, Templestowe

Today I’m talking about eating out – something that I am no stranger to, and certainly enjoy. I have every second Friday off, and while I usually spend these days doing personal admin kind of stuff (seriously, how do people survive on full time employment?), I also like to enjoy the occasional brunch on these days as it’s so nice to be able to avoid the craziness of the weekend cafe rushes. I’d heard rumours of a recent menu change at Power Plant Cafe, so the Bear, one of our housemates and I decided to head out there and check it out. It was a cold, wet and miserable “spring” day, which once again meant that we didn’t get to sit in the outdoor area. Regardless, the indoor area was as bright, open and fresh as ever.

This particular day, our breakfast got pushed back to brunch, and brunch to lunch so by the time we got there I was starving. So while I knew from past experiences that options such as their macro bowls are delicious and nutritious, they were not appealing to me in that moment. I needed solid, carby goodness.


With that in mind, the Bear and I agreed to split two dishes – choosing the Brekkie Burger from the specials board and the Reuben. My housemate went for the Brekkie Burger too. The Reuben consisted of corned tempeh, sweet onions, house made pink kraut, horseradish dressing and a side of crisps. The horseradish was a little overwhelming in the first bite, however I adjusted to it quite quickly and enjoyed the different spin on the sandwich. It was perhaps a bit sweeter than the other reubens I’ve tried, though I appreciated the tempeh as something different from usual mock meats. In saying that, the Smith and Deli Reubenstein is still number one in my heart, sorry Power Plant.

I asked for carby and carby was what I got with the Brekkie Burger. Inside was a hash brown, a slice of a kind of eggy quichey thing, tomato, rocket and a cheesy sauce. I had thought that the tempeh bacon was going to be in there too, but it was probably a good thing it came as a side as I’m not sure I would have been able to get my mouth around it otherwise. The bun was perfectly soft and flour dusted, and on the whole this was just what I needed.

Not pictured are the bowl of fries and aioli we got for the table. I was a little disappointed to find they weren’t the smoked paprika coated fries of previous visits, but they were still delicious and the aioli so damn creamy. We also had coffees and remembered to request Bonsoy rather than the standard soy (Vitasoy?) they have on offer. We were far too full to have any cake afterwards, and racked with too much indecision to choose something to take home, though the Bear got a free mini cupcake with pink icing and hundreds and thousands to celebrate Plant Power’s 1st birthday which he was pleased with. It was very cute, though disappeared before I even got the chance to ask for a picture of it. With the first year under their belt, Power Plant have also decided to extend their opening hours to 7 days giving us plenty of time to treat ourselves with their goodies. Hoorah!

Power Plant Cafe
2-6 Swilk St, Templestowe
Open 7 days – 8am – 3.30pm






  1. Jenny says:

    The Reuben looks spectacular! Eating out for breakfast/brunch always seems a bit more decadent than dining out for other meals, I don’t know why.

    1. I agree – perhaps because often I might just have toast or a smoothie or something simple for brekkie rather than a full on cooked meal!

  2. Wow that looks delicious – I am in love with the idea of a reuben but haven’t been too wowed by them – whereas I think that breakfast burger looks amazing – would be curious to try the eggy quichey thing – I had a supposedly eggy tofu recently in a cafe and it was just yellow tofu which was pretty boring – hope this was better!

    1. The quiche could have done with a bit more flavour in my humble opinion (though I’m a classic over spicer/over garlicker/over everythinger and often have to reign myself in. Could also have been made a little more eggy with some black salt I reckon!

  3. Shaheen says:

    Wow, how fabulous is that Reuben, I still have to put my greedy chops around a Reben and wait for that day. I do like eating out, but don’t do it much.

    1. I’d never had a Reuben before going vegan, but I have a bit of a love for them now – so tangy and delicious!

  4. Joey says:

    I think I’d have been a very happy with either of those brekkie elements on my plate. I love kraut on anything, and I particularly love potato elements in my sandwich. Seriously – why doesn’t every sarnie have a potato waffle or a hash brown or something?!

    1. Me too – kraut is the bomb diggity! Ha, you’ve reminded me of potato crisp sandwiches, an old fave 😉

  5. Susan says:

    Carby carbs… you are speaking my language!
    They look pretty great.
    I love the S&D Reuben, though my heart belongs to the one from Chicago Diner that I had last year.

    1. Haha I ❤ carbs. Ooh, I will have to take note to try it out if I ever get over there!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think I’ve had enough reuben sandwiches that were vegan! The one you took a photo of looks fairly amazing. Too bad I don’t have the cash drop a few thousand bucks for a plane ticket to try the sandwich XD

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