Random eats around Melbourne

Treats that I have enjoyed since returning to Melbourne (a short summary)

1. Mister Nice Guy’s Bakery, Prahran

ImageI finally got to visit this place!

When I left Melbourne, I think Mister Nice Guy’s were operating only as cupcake stockists for other places like Las Vegan Bakery and the Radical Grocery. I was so excited when I found out they had extended into two of their own locations AND started doing savoury stuff too. I grabbed this BLT bagel to take home and toast, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m not even sure if I’ve had a bagel before, this may well have been my first one. I’ll definitely be back for another.

ImageObviously I couldn’t leave without taking a few cupcakes with me. I grabbed one of every mini one they had left that afternoon, and from memory I think these were along the lines of vanilla/lavendar, red velvet, white chocolate macadamia, orange and gingerbread. My surprise favourite would probably have to be the vanilla/lavendar…the icing was just divine, with such delicate flavour.


A few days later when my Mum and were doing some Christmas organising, we stopped in at the Prahran markets and I couldn’t walk past without grabbing these minis, as they weren’t present on my first visit. Peanut butter choc and peppermint choc. Yum!

2. Botanical Cuisine 

ImageI had seen the Botanical Cuisine range start popping up left right and centre but was yet to try any, particularly as while living in the van we didn’t have the most reliable source of refrigeration. Finally the time came! The Tiramisu-ish was okay, but I think I was put off as the first jar I bought had gone off. I took it back and got it replaced, but I couldn’t get the initial fizzy flavour out of my brain or taste buds. The walnut cheese, on the other hand, was amazing and featured prominently in a couple of Christmas lunch dishes, as well as snacks.

3. Loving Earth

ImageAnother thing I had been hanging out to try – the new white chocolate caramel block! I’m not entirely sure why, as I never had a huge thing for white chocolate, but this just seemed exciting so I jumped on board. It was nice, but I definitely prefer the dark chocolate flavours – this one was just a bit too sweet. Doesn’t mean I won’t eat it again though…

4. Berrissimo

ImagePopped in here while wandering Brunswick st one day and got this banana split/chocolate mousse combo with strawberries. I was impressed by the five or so vegan flavours available here. First taste, I enjoyed it, however after a while I realised that I had bitten off more than I could chew, even with a small. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing – the size and price are quite generous, but I wish Billy and I shared one instead of getting one each as I couldn’t finish this and Billy only did so begrudgingly. Granted, we’d had lunch and beers not long before, so perhaps on an empty stomach we could put up a better fight.

5. Bokchoy Tang stall

ImageMy Mum and I stumbled upon a mini food festival in Fed square one weekend when we went into the city. Bokchoy Tang had a little stall, and were doing these veggie buns, of which we got a plate of four to share. What I loved about these was the fact that you could distinguish one part from the other in the filling – it wasn’t all unrecognisable mush. These were nice and fresh and packed with greens, and I loved the generous amount of sesame seeds in them.

We also shared some steamed edamame with chili salt from Chocolate Buddah, but I forgot to capture them.

6. Madecasse chocolate

ImageChocolate + spice. Need I say more?

7. Wedding

ImageImageImageI went to a beautiful friend’s lovely wedding, and was catered for so amazingly. I always feel like a bit of a burden at events like this, but this meal made me feel special, hehe.

8. ABC butter

ImageCh-ch-ch-ch-ch- h-check it out! My first nut butter in my new blender. This is almond, brazil nut and cashew and it is deeeeelicious!

9. Smoothie

ImageImageAnd of course, smoothies in the blender! This one is apple, pineapple, cucumber, kale, lime juice and cayenne pepper. It’s a wake up kick!

10. Grace Cafe

ImageImagePopped into a friend’s cafe for a coffee with my Aunty and my friend Liz from I Spy Plum Pie, and being late in the afternoon we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. It was charming and cosy sitting outside in the opened out shipping container, and they even had a vegan chocolate zucchini cake on offer. How could I not?!

11. Raw Caramel Slice

ImageAnd lastly, I whipped another batch of my raw caramel slice because, well, it’s DELICIOUS. My whole family loves it, not to mention everybody I’ve given some to sample, so I think this one will definitely be on the repeat list. Mmmm caramel….

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop
Stall 98B, Prahran Market
163 Commerical Road, South Yarra
Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat – 9am-5pm
Sun – 10am-3pm
(Closed Mon, Wed and public holidays)

2/360 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Mon-Thurs – 1pm-9.30pm
Fri – 1pm-10.30pm
Sat – 12pm-10.30pm
Sun – 12pm-9.30pm

Grace Cafe
76 Rose St, Fitzroy
Mon-Fri – 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun – 8am-5pm

Oh hi!

Hey there blogosphere! I am still here!

I took a bit of an impromptu break amongst all the craziness of getting back to Melbourne, weddings, christmases, breakfasts, lunches, festivals and so on. Y’know how it is.

So a quick recap – the engine in our van gave up while we were in Perth. We went to great lengths to source a new one, which happened to be in Albany in W.A and managed to get the van down there and have it replaced. By this point, we were running out of time to drive back to Melbourne (or we could have done it over 3-4 days, but had no time to stop and look at anything and it would have cost a fortune in fuel comparatively), so we sold the van in Perth (sob..bye ZZ) and flew back to Melbourne. The end!

And what a year it’s been! It’s so hard to believe it’s happened – once you have been traveling for a while it just becomes life. So it’s strange to be in one permanent place, but also great to catch up with friends and family who have not been seen enough over the past 3-4 years. I think the trick will be to keep things happening and keep life exciting. That’s what it’s for right?!

I hope all of you had a safe and happy holidays. We had a wonderful Christmas, doing the family rounds and having a great breakfast, lunch and then leftover dinner. Yum!

ImageWhile it was an ‘omni’ Christmas, we had one of the best vegan layouts yet..with stuffed mushrooms, tomato spinach and pinenut tarts, onion tarts, pumpkin chickpea and green bean salad, waldorf salad, purple cauliflower hazelnut and pomegranate salad and more. SO. GOOD .

ImageExcuse the blurry pictures, I think there was dirt or fog or something on my screen all Christmas (probably food smears) and I didn’t notice!

ImageAnd then check this out….not one, but TWO vegan desserts. My mum made this beautiful raw chocolate tart with raspberries (using avocados and banana).

ImageAnd I made this apple and ‘honey’ semifreddo from Hannah Kaminsky’s blog, which went down a treat too. Dessert heaven!

ImageInside shot! Mmmm. Find the delicious recipe right here.

ImageIt’s safe to say that we were preeeeeeetty full after that load.

I got some wonderful gifts this year, including a bunch of food related stuff. Check out my whizz bang new blender…duh duh duh duhhhhh.

ImageAlso some super heavy mortar and pestles for doing some super grinding, some raw chocolate, a beautiful cookbook and a cupcake decentre-er, hehe. Lots of new stuff to play with!

On top of that, my mum and dad (who I am currently residing with upon returning to Melbourne) got themselves an Excalibur dehydrator. More toooyyyyyysss!

ImageHere are some zucchini chips on the go. I’m excited to try some crackers and pizza bases and the like….it’s opened up a whole new world!

So wowzers, that was Christmas! Afterwards I dashed off to the Lorne Falls Festival to work at a food stall over new years, which was a blast, and now I’m back for a few weeks before heading to Rainbow. Yaaaay!

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to 2014 x