Fremantle Eats: The Juicy Beetroot and The Raw Kitchen

As I said, I’ve got a series of eating out related posts to come from the time we’ve spent around Perth over the last week or so. I’m amazed at all the wonderful new (and old) places popping up around the place here.

I had the opportunity to visit Fremantle two days in a row during the week – once with family on an op-shopping mission, and once on my own, wandering aimlessly about.

The first day, we started with lunch at the Juicy Beetroot – a cosy little cafe tucked way down at the end of an alleyway, almost out of sight. It is 100% vegetarian (and very vegan friendly).

I visited the Juicy Beetroot with Billy and my mum this time last year when we were here, and it concreted it’s place in my mind as a cosy little place to get wholesome, yummy food at a reasonable price. The main menu features a range of salads and a range of hot foods which you can mix and match in a bowl. I got a ‘small’ bowl for about $10 and was able to choose six different salads to squeeze in there.

Yeah I know, not the greatest picture. But it was good. And really filling. I had a variety of different salads, from roasted mushrooms to tahini broccoli, to tofu and sprouts and more. Topped of course with some chili sauce.

You can get a huge bowl for about $13, but I wasn’t quite hungry enough for the big salad (sorry Elaine).

The following day I missioned back to Freo, spending my morning visiting the lovely Arts Centre. I remember coming here as a child, the beautiful limestone buildings and green shady gardens – it really is a charming place. Over the warmer months they hold free Sunday afternoon music sessions in the courtyard which would have been cool, but we weren’t able to make it. Next time!

I wandered around the galleries for a while, pretty much having the whole place to myself that early in the morning (aside from an older gentleman who was super enthused about one of the exhibitions and kept making comments about the pieces as we passed each other – his happiness was infectious!)

Afterwards, I sat in the courtyard of the cafe for a coffee and a bit of quiet reading time.

I spent the next few hours browsing the streets of Freo – shops, markets, buskers and more. Around lunch time I ducked over to the beloved Raw Kitchen for a bite to eat. I got in just before the big rush – the place is so so popular. They are in the process of relocating to a larger shop which will be really great for them, although it’s on a street rather than in an arcade/courtyard so they will lose all the outdoor seating – bit of a bummer.

Anyway…I was having some mad cravings for their raw pizza, so I ordered a piece and a chai smoothie pronto.

(Again, not the most inspired photo).

The pizza was just as I remembered – topped with stacks of basil and big dollops of smooth delicious cashew cream, as well as olives, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. I wasn’t hungry enough to go for the two salads on the side (nor did my wallet want to cop that one…).

The smoothie was a little sweet for me, and I was a bit bummed I hadn’t gone with the choc-mint or choc-chili that I’d tried before and liked. But noooo, I had to try something NEW! If they had eased up on the agave and let the lovely spices shine through, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Personal preference I guess.

On the way out, I picked up a cappucino cake to go, to share with Bear later.

Oh. My. Gosh. Let me tell you….it was incredible.

I had tried quite a few of their desserts last time I was in Perth – namely the choc-mint slice, two different cheesecakes and a macaroon. But this one quite literally took the cake!

Well, the choc-mint slice is probably on par (I can’t go past that flavour combo!), but what I loved about the cappucino cake was the strong coffee flavour and the texture – beautiful silky smooth without being as rich and dense and the cheesecakes that I’d tried before. It was just divine.

The Raw Kitchen is a bit of a favourite amongst locals, with delicious healthy food and wonderful happy service. I was sort of disappointed to hear along the line that they didn’t necessarily use organic produce though. While they aren’t exactly marketing themselves as an exclusively organic business, for the price they charge I would kind of expect it. A single slice of pizza is around $10, or $19 with salads. Most of the mains (nachos, club sandwich, pasta, etc) are about $20 each. My smoothie was around the $9-10 mark, and the cake about $8.

It’s pricey, but there’s no denying that the food is absolutely scrumptious. Gimme some more of that caaaaaaaake.

The Juicy Beetroot
132 High St, Fremantle W.A.
Mon – Fri – 11am-4pm
Sat – Sun – CLOSED

Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty St, Fremantle W.A.
Open 7 days – 10am-5pm

The Raw Kitchen
Shop 14, Piazza Arcade
36 South Terrace, Fremantle W.A (not for much longer though..!)
Mon – Tues – CLOSED
Wed – Fri – 11am-3pm
Sat – Sun – 11am-4pm