The Resident, Ashburton

Since moving to Tassie, a number of new little cafes have popped up in the suburbs around my parents’ house. The cool vibes of the inner suburbs are definitely making their way further out.

The Resident is a cute little cafe located in the Ashburton shopping strip of High st. It has a nice sunny courtyard out the back, giving the cafe more space than you first expect. It’s right near the train station and on a bike/walking path, making it the perfect stop after a morning stroll.

My mum, aunty and I popped in for brunch one morning, and managed to nab a table out in the sunshine. While there were not a lot of vegan options on the menu (well, none without slight alteration), the staff were very friendly and helpful in explaining what I could and couldn’t have (and checking with the chef when unsure). I ended up doing a mix and match breakfast, picking most of the available vegan options.

ImageIt was far better than I expected! I loved the addition of microgreens, and the mushrooms were beautiful. I’m not often in the mood for a ‘big breakfast’, but I really enjoyed all of this – though was pretty stuffed by the end.

They also do a mean coffee (and have Bonsoy on offer – yay!)

A few weeks later Mum and I went back for lunch. This time I selected from the lunch menu, as last time the person serving us mentioned that the wild rice salad could be made vegan. There is vegetarian bahn mi on the menu, but unfortunately (for me, anyway) they use a brioche bun…sad, because I loooove bahn mis!

Anyway, upon confirming that they could leave out the pomegranate labne, I ordered the wild rice salad with pumpkin, sun dried tomato, king brown mushroom, preserved lemon and fennel seed.

ImageThis was okay, but not amazing. I enjoyed the components, but I guess it was lacking without the pomegranate labne…it really needed just a bit more flavour. A dash of a replacement dressing or something would have been great. Instead I settled for some salt.

In saying that – it wasn’t bad, and I understand that I was the one who made adjustments to the dish so won’t be holding it against them. Until the menu changes though, I think I’ll stick with the brekkie items. I’m just glad there’s a go-to cafe with a bit of charisma in Ashburton now!

The Resident
246 High St, Ashburton
Sat – Thurs – 7am – 5pm
Fri – 7am – 4pm, then 6pm – late