Opposite day: International Foods

So y’know that risotto recipe I posted the other day? It got a mention on the Tofutti website!

I was just a wee bit excited when I found out, I felt a bit star-struck to tell you the truth – I couldn’t believe someone from Tofutti had been to my blog, hehe. You can see the post they did about it here. Thanks for sharing my blog Tofutti! I love you and your creamy treats!

There are also some super mouthwatering recipes to check out on their website, like apple cinnamon crème brulee cheesecake. Yeah I know, YUM.

Now, in terms of my MoFo theme, today is opposite day. Remember opposite day? When you would insult your sibling/friend/enemy only to get the reply “ha-ha it’s actually opposite day, so that means I’m really cool!” And then there was the confusion about whether opposite day applied to that statement, and if you are saying it’s opposite day on opposite day then maybe it isn’t opposite day after all…that’s when it kind of spirals out of control.

So I know my focus has been on locally sourced food, but I stumbled upon this Asian/Italian grocery in Mackay and I couldn’t help but walk out with a few things, and that’s why I proclaimed it opposite day.


I grabbed some chickpea flour, black beans, Arborio rice, red curry paste, dried basil, asafoetida, barbecue chips and Bear got some coconut water. These chips were on clearance as apparently they weren’t selling which is a major bummer. They are made up of potato, sweet potato and taro and the flavour is great! The different textures are amazing, from a softer thinner crispy chip to a thick crunchy one. So good! We went back and bought a couple more packs on the way out of Mackay.

Taro chips, yum.

I’m looking forward to busting out the black beans in some burritos or something soon, I haven’t had black beans in sooooo long. In Australia they are only really available in health food stores, international food stores or specialty shops – they aren’t on the shelf in the supermarket. So yay for getting some black beans! I’m sure you’ll see them featured on the blog some time soon.