Red Door Corner Store, Northcote

Well helloooo! You guys, I have been so busy preparing for MoFo next month that I have barely had the energy to write any blog posts. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into this year, I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew so to speak. Oh well, I’ll give it a red hot go and see what happens. I’m really looking forward to reading all the wonderful posts from everyone!

Today is just a pit stop I suppose, to remind you I’m still here and to share a quick meal that I ate last week. The Bear and I both had a Friday off, so we decided to go out for brunch. The sun even came out for us, and it was G-L-O-R-gloooooorious! We popped over to Northcote and sat out the front to bask in the warm rays. Happy times.

I had never been to Red Door Corner Store before, but I had heard of it and liked the rhythm of the name so really wanted to check it out. The cafe is located a couple of blocks back from High street, in amongst the houses – so it really does have that ‘corner store’ feel. Quite charming really! The staff were just as charming as they buzzed around taking orders and delivering coffees.

There were not many (if any) outright vegan items on the menu, however a few items had little marks noting how the dish could be made gluten free or vegan.

reddoorThe Bear and I both ordered the same dish – corn, zucchini and quinoa fritters, avocado, romesco and grilled corn salsa, though Bear had his as the original item on the menu suggests – with a poached egg on top.

These were not what I expected at all – fritters always brings to mind flat round disc shaped creations. However, wikipedia tells me that fritters can refer to a wide variety of foods – basically batter or breading with stuff inside. This fits the bill. Plus when I opened my mind a little and saw photos of banana fritters, I realised that many fritters I have eaten are not disc shaped. MOVING ON.

The insides were all blended up and creamy, the romesco was surprisingly sweet but nevertheless enjoyable and I loved the colourful salad. Rainbow foodies!

We also ordered some coffees and a small side of chips to share because chips are delicious, even if they aren’t reeeeaaaalllly breakfast food. The coffee was nice, albeit a little cooler than I would have preferred. The chips were delicious, and came with a non-vegan aioli which the Bear devoured.

reddoor2In conclusion, the Red Door Corner Store turned this grumpy armless bear….

reddoor3…into a happy, satiated and fully-limbed one. The end.

p.s. Yes I jumped on the Daiya bandwagon…by the time I got to it, there was only pepperjack flavour remaining. I ate it on a variety of things, but mostly just melted it on crumpets.

crumpiesIt was gooey, and somewhat stringy, and coated my mouth. I enjoyed it. Just don’t eat it straight out of the bag because it is disappointingly bland at that point – somehow melting makes it magical. Cheeeeeese!


Red Door Corner Store
70 Mitchell St, Northcote
Mon – Fri – 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun – 8am – 4pm


  1. That looks delicious, I could eat it right now! I know what you mean about Vegan MOFO – it can take over your life. Looking forward to reading your posts! x

    1. It’s crazy time consuming! Are you going to be participating again this year? x

  2. So with you there about MoFo, I’m already thinking I’m going to be behind from day one. And good to see another place in Northcote, those non-disc shaped fritters look awesome!

    1. Likewise! I look forward to reading your posts 🙂 I know, Northcote is lovely, I’ve really enjoyed spending time there lately! All the more reason when there’s delicious food to eat.

  3. I feel a bit the same about Vegan MoFo – felt I was getting organised and then August is almost finished and I feel I still have much to do and lots happening in September. The store looks great – it did work wonders upon the bear – ha ha

    1. Exactly – I thought I was all over it when I started planning a month ago, but it seems I am becoming more and more behind. Oh well! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  4. Cheese on crumpets! This is something I have never thought of! WHAT IS THIS. Only peanut butter and jam is allowed on crumpets.

    I had Daiya cheese on nachos in Vancouver – I want to recreate that again when I finally get my hands on some here!

    1. Haha nooooo! I am a vegemite crumpeter from way back, I’ve always preferred savoury crumpets over sweet. The cheese was a new addition – my Welsh housemate swore by it (though I think she eats marmite). I have to agree – it was awesome!

      Yesss, we did nachos with this bag too, it was great! There were times when the cheese was stringy. STRINGY VEGAN CHEESE!!

  5. Haha, yup, don’t eat Daiya outa the bag! Not a win! Those fritters look amazing, I want to eat that whole plate of food right now.

    1. It’s incredible how it can be sooo good one way and so bad another!

  6. rika@vm says:

    Welcome back, girl! Yay that you’re participating in MoFo soon, I’m sad I won’t be participating due to travels and other projects to complete. But I will keep an eye out on your VeganMofo posts though! I heard about Daiya cheese in Australia, did you like it so far? I personally like their slices, they melt really well on its own.

    1. Ohh, bummer you won’t be MoFo-ing! I’m sure your travel will make up for it though – I look forward to reading your posts about your adventures. I definitely do like Daiya – I’ve only been able to get my hands on the pepperjack flavour so far, and I don’t think we have the slices here. I’ll keep an eye out though!

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