Veraison, Balnarring

Continuing on with our Mornington Peninsula getaway, the family booked a table at Veraison restaurant in Balnarring for a happy 55th wedding anniversary lunch for my grandparents. Last time we were on the Peninsula for a special occasion, we dined at a fancy restaurant which introduced us to foams as foods (!) – I felt a bit like a fish out of water.

veraison3The difference I noticed immediately at Veraison was the relaxed atmosphere – the lady who welcomed us was friendly and warm, and cracked a few jokes that instantly made everyone comfortable. Veraison have an A la carte menu, as well as a weekday set lunch menu, from which you can choose two or three courses for $45 or $55 respectively and according to their website, they source their produce from local Balnarring suppliers when in season, or from the organic veggie garden out the back. My family had called ahead to confirm they could cater for vegans, which thankfully they could. While the others had a few dishes to choose from, the bear and mine were set for us which was fine by us – as long as we were getting fed!

veraison1First up, we were served some lovely mushrooms stuffed with quinoa, some vegetables and capers, and topped with some fresh rocket. My memory fails as to what this was flavoured with, but I recall salty capers and what seemed like different textured quinoa – some well cooked and some lovely and crunchy that popped between your teeth. Bear sways more on the vegetarian side, and his was topped with goat’s cheese.

veraison2Next up, another stuffed dish! You all know how much I love food stuffed in food right? This was a cooked tomato filled with a creamy risotto and topped with some wilted tuscan kale. Simple and satisfying. I would have loved to see some crunchy texture with this – perhaps some toasted pine nuts – to top it off.

veraison5My dessert was a little less inspired, particularly compared to all the creme brulees with little biscuits and sorbet – perhaps they hadn’t planned I would make it this far. Despite my initial disappointment, the flavour of the sorbets (cherry and raspberry from memory?) was beautiful, and the lovely seasonal berries were juicy and ripe, a great clean end to a meal.

We spent a good few hours enjoying our meals and drinks and chatting away, and I think everyone walked away happy and satiated and ready for a GU (that’s guts up in our family!). I can definitely recommend Veraison to anybody looking for an enjoyable, quality meal in a beautiful yet relaxed atmosphere.


269 Myers Rd, Balnarring
Normal year:
Thurs – Mon – 12pm – 3pm
Open 7 days all Jan – 12pm – 3pm
Fri & Sat – 6pm – 11pm



  1. lalumii says:

    That meal sounds really nice (especially the entrees).
    I’m an avid baker and I love making vegan treats, so I know it’s a lot easier than some people think; I always get a bit down when I see restaurants that don’t know what to do for desserts. Even so, fresh berries can be fantastic on their own.

    1. I’m with you – I think perhaps people get a bit stumped without realising that it can be quite simple. You’re right – in season fresh berries are to die for, so I can’t be too disappointed with it!

  2. brugesvegan says:

    seems like traditional restaurants mostly have a problem with inspiration for desserts and can’t think any further than a fruit bowl (or a sorbet, but there can be milk or egg in those too). Anyway, fruit can be lovely too, but as you said, when the others do get fancy restaurants, itwould have been nice if they also put the effort in for the vegans πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly. While in actual fact the beautiful sorbets and fresh berries were delicious, I was still a tad jealous of the fancy desserts everybody else had. I suppose it’s the quick and easy option (which they probably don’t have to go to all that often)

  3. very nice! It’s always a bit of a shame when the vegan desserts are kinda mehhhh after such fab dishes, but a great sorbet will win me over πŸ˜€

    1. I think perhaps if it was presented really nicely it would feel a bit more special – the flavour was definitely there, that’s for sure.

  4. sounds lovely – that stuffed tomato is just the sort of dish I would love to see in a restaurant and I would much prefer your berry bowl than a creme brulee

    1. It’s nice isn’t it? I’m always impressed when a typically non-veg place puts in an effort to make the meals special.

  5. Sophie33 says:

    I think they lacked in the dessert department! Ooh noo,…
    The rest of the foods you have showed us looked excellent to me! Yum!

    1. I’m with you on that one πŸ˜‰

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