Vegie Bar and Three One 2 One

Walking up and down Brunswick street always gets my tummy rumbling. I recently popped into Vegie Bar with my mum for a quick snack in between some seriously successful browsing.

vegbar2“This is not the time for dumplings” said nobody ever. Quite thick skins on these ones, I can’t remember what the filling was made of, it wasn’t remarkably tasty but nothing a good dunking of sauce cant fix.

vegbar3Along the same vein, I will never pass on wontons. I really liked the broth these were in – gingery, garlicky with some fresh coriander…heavenly match.

vegbar1To top it off, I had a matcha milkshake. I have not forayed very far into the world of matcha, so the taste is quite unusual to me still. I did enjoy this, but perhaps not quite what I was craving at the time (read: ice coffee).

This next visit goes back some time. As in possibly last year. Three One 2 One is a little cafe on Bridge road in Richmond, with a funky rhino on the side of the wall.

threeone2one2Upon first glance at the menu, it is not super vegan friendly. There are plenty of cheesy and eggy vegetarian options, though nothing strikes my eye. The lunch menu is mostly paninis and sandwiches, and after asking the waitress, she pointed a few things that they could alter for me. I went with the pumpkin and gruere sandwich with candied walnuts, caramelised onion and rocket (minus the gruere), which came with a side of “chubby chips”.

threeone2oneThe chips were yum! The sandwich was a little strange – the candied walnuts making for a very sweet addition. I found them quite hard little nuggets in the sandwich, providing an almost tooth breaking crunch. With pumpkin not being my top choice of vegetables to put in a sandwich, this didn’t really impress. I did however enjoy the experience and the service, which led me to go back two more times since then, however unfortunately it just hasn’t quite cut it on the follow up visits. Once for brekkie I had quite a plain avo on toast, and the next time I tried to customise my own vegan sandwich, and despite the girl acknowledging and trying to advise what I could eat (though appearing confused at what vegan actually means), my sandwich came out with mayonnaise and most likely butter-cooked mushrooms. Despite my average experiences, my non-vegan dining companions really enjoyed their meals.

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Mon-Thurs – 11am – 10pm
Fri – 11am – 10.30pm
Sat – 9am – 10.30pm
Sun – 9am – 10pm

Three One 2 One
424 Bridge Road, Richmond
Open every day 8am – 4pm


  1. lysette says:

    Melbourne has the coolest street art! Candied nuts are okay in a salad when you can see you’re going to bite into it, not hidden in a sandwich! There is always time for dumplings 🙂

    1. We do definitely have some cool street art going on! And to think that they did a ‘clean up’ to remove unsightly art during the commonwealth games here, leaving us instead with grey walls. Hmmmmm. I agree – candied nuts are killer in salads, but make for a cautiously eaten sandwich!

  2. Dumplings are great at any time of the day. Candided walnuts sounds delicious but when they are paired with a salty cheese and the cheese is just taken away it is a bit of a problem because it sounds like that sandwich lost its balance.

    1. Y’know, I don’t know if I would EVER not want dumplings! I agree, the sandwich was certainly missing something…as is often the case when veganisations result in a take-away but no replacement.

  3. I’ve had those dumplings and they didn’t blow me away either 🙂 Candied walnuts for me as better off as a cake topping or eaten on their own. I’d try them in a sandwich but doubt I’d be a fan 🙂

    1. Sad they are a bit underwhelming. I agree – candied nuts on cake, and even in salad great. Sandwich – a bit weird…;)

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