Music for your Mouth MoFo Wrap Up

Hello! Hi! Hola!

I had a bit of an impromptu week and a half off after MoFo, just to catch my breath. But now I’m back, and with awesome news. Drum roll pleaaasseee…..I won a MoFie!

mofieHell yeah! Thanks MoFo judges, I certainly had fun and am glad you’ve enjoyed the sweet sweet tunes too. Head over to the official Vegan MoFo site to check out the full list of MoFie winners. Thank you to all my readers old and new and everybody who participated in MoFo and made it rockin’. See you next year!  \m/

And without further adieu, here is a pictorial summary of my thirty days of MoFo, following the theme of Music for your Mouth:

                              bread lemonheads honeycombs3

                              blindmelon2 chillipeppers pb3

                              chuckberry2 neutralmilk2 smashingpump1

                              vanillafudge marthamuffins infectedmush6

                               zombievanillaicee3 jello3

                              fionaapple4 spicegirls3 cake1

                              bananasplit hotchoc soup1

                              blondie3 thejam1 cream4

                              cherry1 orange1 saltnpepa1

                              peaches2 burrito2 custard2

30 days, hoooooly mackerel! This was only my second year MoFoing, but certainly my best effort to date. I can’t believe I managed a post every single day (take a good look folks, it may not ever happen again). I had tried to be organised this year to stay one step ahead of the game, but I did feel a little in the deep end, particularly towards the end of the month. There’s always something to aspire to and next year it will be to be even MORE organised. Ha!

Thanks for dropping by, stay tuned as we return to regular programming.

One more song to take us to the close. It isn’t an edible audio, but I think totally appropriate. Plus I was bummed I didn’t get to squeeze Freddy Mercury in anywhere else, so y’know…



  1. Kate says:

    Congrats on your award and for managing to post every day! I think I’ll have to wait until my kids are about 20 to manage that 🙂 really enjoyed reading all your posts!

  2. Wow you posted heaps alright! Love the Salt n Pepa tofu, though I would eat loads of it in one go.

    1. Haha – as you saw in the photos, that poor tofu lasted a matter of minutes before it disappeared. Oh well, guess that’s what it’s for!

  3. lysette says:

    Well deserved Mofie 🙂 You’re theme was great. I can’t imagine it was easy finding 30 songs about food – with videos – and create a dish inspired by it. Your photos are lovely too, nice to see the wrap up mosaic of them.

    1. Thanks Lysette! It certainly was a challenge (a fun one though).

  4. veggiebytes says:

    Yay! I really enjoyed your posts and glad that you won a Mofie! You deserved it 🙂

  5. dimsimkitty says:

    Congratulations on your Mofie, well deserved. I loved your theme, it was so much fun.

  6. congrats on the mofie and on a fantastic mofo – looking at the pics reminds me of all the recipes you blogged that I really want to make

    1. Aw, thanks Johanna, what a lovely comment! Congratulations to you too….and bring on next year! 😀

  7. Yay! Congrat’s on the MoFie! Don’t forget to e-mail the team to claim your prize 🙂

    1. Thank you! I sent an email the other day – hopefully it got through 🙂

  8. Bonnie says:

    Congrats on the Mofie and on posting every day! I only just caught up on your posts but I loved your theme.

    1. Thanks so much Bonnie! I am still trying to catch up and visit all MoFo-ers too 🙂

  9. rika@vm says:

    A heartfelt congratulations to you, Caelie! You did it! I love reading your Vegan Mofo series, the Salt n Pepa Tofu was pretty good!

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